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Music Equipment

One to One Production

A music production session using Ableton which involves a collaborative process between yourself and Steve.  


Book your initial consultation to identify your areas of interest, this can also include finishing your own productions. Steve will then tailor the session to your needs, providing guidance and feedback throughout the process.


Steve will share production tips and tricks, showing you how to use Ableton's built-in effects and instruments to create unique sounds and textures, the power of sampling, as well as covering techniques such as side-chain compression, EQing, and using automation to create dynamic builds and drops.


Overall, the music production session is a comprehensive approach to developing your music production skills, providing guidance and support in every step of the process.

Live Zoom

Mentoring Sessions

60 minute, in-depth sessions

Topics of your choice

One To One Coaching

A 1-1 Zoom call where you will chose the topics of interest and Steve provides the experience and feedback.

Work inside Ableton on your own tracks, helping you overcome production roadblocks whilst rapidly building new skills and techniques.


Mastering is available from £25 per track.  Discounts available when more than one track requested.  Delivery 3 - 5 business days.

Mixdowns and mastering is also available too, please feel free to contact for a quote.

Student Feedback..

Music Equipment

Yanick Turcotte

"I found I improved my production a lot with the sessions Steve and I had.  Steve is really easy to work with, explains everything really well and adapts everything accordingly to your needs.  Will definitely do again!"
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